Top 5 Tactics To Increase Online Visibility On Instagram

    Instagram is not just about sharing nice-looking photos. You can use this platform to drive traffic and also leads. Learn about the ways to build brand visibility on Instagram in this article.

    With over one-billion active users. Instagram has the highest engagement ratio among all other social media platforms. It’s a social media hotshot right now, and honestly, it has been a social media hotshot for a while too. Many social media marketers have commited to focus on Instagram more this year.

    According to research, it’s said that 66% of marketers will focus more to grow their Instagram work this year more than any other social media channel.

    Rather than choosing to buy Instagram likes and buy Instagram views, Here are 5 tricks to increase online presence in Insta app by brand name:

    Use Instagram Stories

    Haven’t tried Instagram stories yet? It’s the right time to get started with it. And if you have used it, have you added those stories to your stories highlights? Highlights are a way to get your stories last forever and not just disappear after 24 hours.

    Highlights are the round-shaped button that appears near the bottom of your profile. They have become one of the most loved Instagram features.

    So, if you’ve been stopping yourself from using stories because you didn’t want to waste your time creating something that would last only 24 hours – well, think again. With highlights features, it’s now worth your time to create high-quality stories.

    Hashtags Optimization

    Hashtags are probably the most powerful tool on Instagram. Post with the highest engagement on Instagram tends to have at least 11 hashtags. And you can add up to 30 hashtags per post. Adding 30 might turn out to be time-consuming though.

    So here’s how you optimize hashtags to beat Instagram algorithm for maximum exposure. Think in layers. First of all, select 3-4 hashtags with more than 100k posts, then 3-4 hashtags with posts ranging 10k to 100k, and at the last select 3-4 with just a few thousand posts.

    Don’t use hashtags that are too generic. It’s a big NO for any tag with more than 500k posts because there are very few chances of your profile being discovered by potential followers.

    Write Creative Captions

    You might be thinking that Instagram is an image sharing platform, right? Yes, we know, but the text can still have a robust effect.

    So how can you write creative captions? Well, if you’re a copywriter, just think like you’re writing a print advertisement. For the rest, like us… write about what you’re about to post. Or what would you say to your partner if you showed it to them?

    In short – write in a way like you’re talking to your partner, friends or family. The best captions are usually ones with a personal feel.

    Writing good captions are one of the easiest ways to boost brand reach on Instagram.

    Start Posting Comments On Other Accounts Posts!

    There’s a famous saying, you go to give it to get it! And it is the best one for this scenario. So, from today on, make a new habit. Sit down once a day and start commenting on three posts from three different accounts that you admire or want to partner with.

    Leave comments like a great post and don’t promote your company or content. Just be normal and friendly. Say what you like about that post. Be friendly and clever.

    With little practice, this can be an easy task that you can do while you’re surfing online or waiting for a meeting to start. Over time, by commenting, you’re building connections and being social.

    Level Up Your Photography Game

    It’s time to level up your photography game or find someone with skills. If you’re an advertisement agency, it will be worth to assign one of a team member to spend an hour or two a week studying photography by joining a physical class or by online courses.

    Levelling up your Instagram photography game will give your brand a better exposure because we all know that everyone likes good quality photos on Instagram. This is one of the fresh methods to be more visible on Instagram.


    Instagram is not just about sharing good pictures. You could do so much using this platform. Brands are already driving leads and sales using this platform, and yes, you too can do the same. Just follow these 5 tactics by Trollishly to become more visible on Instagram.

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