IGTV Guide: How To Promote Your Business Profile In 2021?

    Earlier in 2010, when Instagram was initiated, it got 25K followers on the first day. After that, Instagram has developed annually, and then the community reached one billion monthly active users. Even after years, there were several functional changes, and one of the updates was IGTV, which is Instagram’s new feature. In this post, you can find out everything that you need to understand about the feature, like what is IGTV, working, use for business, and how brands are using it to advertise. Also, finally, it will show you how to post and perform the new videos. You can buy Instagram impressions to increase your content’s visibility.

    How To Use IGTV?

    A lot of experts foretell that Instagram will spend heavily on IGTV, including new features and functionalities to make it look more popular. IGTV users are motivated to make content existing for up to one hour, which stays on the channel forever. As an additional feature compared to stories, 15-seconds limits and 24-hour disappears.

    Best Examples Of Brands Using IGTV

    National Geographic became one of the first media brands to telecast full, vertically improved videos for 48-minutes shown traditionally on Television. The video was called experience the world through the eyes of National Geographic photographers. Using a profile of 99M followers, National Geographic is using the social media platform to advertise their projects and the life of several species over the globe.

    IGTV can be used for the behind-the-scenes video for your audiences. You can have a flower shop, boutique, a startup, or you even run a company. For instance, Fashion house Louis Vuitton gives followers an idea of backstage with the BTS content from the Summer 2019 fashion.

    Everything About IGTV

    IGTV is Instagram’s method of upgrading the traditional television experience and updating it for a new mobile experience and a game change for other social media platforms. IGTV plays when the app opens up. On the contrary to Instagram, videos are not limited to one minute; every video you post can be up to an hour longer. Say, for instance, Instagram presents videos for you based on your likes and its algorithm update. You can find more by swiping up. Also, you can comment, like, and share videos with friends through Instagram direct.

    Some Of The IGTV Basic Features

    Videos are full-screen and vertical, it plays from 15-seconds to 60-minutes longer and is presently available for verified accounts. Each user has a limit of ten minutes. Users can look at IGTV content from the Instagram app or even download the IGTV app. Videos begin to auto-play when opening the app; users can like, comment, or share on the videos using direct messages.

    IGTV Categories

    IGTV has got three primary categories.

    For You – A collection of videos that Instagram factors you will like, made up from followers you follow.

    Following – A group of videos from every follower on Instagram that you already follow.

    Popular – Features the trending videos on IGTV, most probably ranked by popularity. If someone follows you on IGTV, they will be following your regular Instagram profile.

    Difference Between IGTV & Instagram Stories

    Instagram provides three marketing channels to advertise your business and brand.

    • Instagram stories
    • Instagram posts
    • New IGTV

    Note: Instagram ads are an instrument, not a dedicated channel.

    1. The differences between Instagram stories and IGTV are:
    2. The Instagram stories go away after 24 hours while IGTV stays as long as you need.
    3. IGTV has got brand consistency, and it needs to suit your business use.
    4. IGTV needs to utilize video in vertical format. Conventional videos are panorama, yet IGTV needs vertical videos.
    5. You can post videos for up to one hour.
    6. IGTV grabs vloggers and video content creators, whereas Instagram tries to compete with other platforms.

    Instagram is looking for non-edited videos that you need to ensure your audience needs. IGTV has the chance to include links, and it doesn’t count the followers’ numbers.

    If you are trying to include links on Instagram stories, the below options are perfect. Once you start your IGTV channel, you can cross-promote it on other channels: Instagram stories, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat. Instagram is looking for everlasting content; particular content made only for this channel.

    On Instagram, you need to definitely use both stories and IGTV to promote by including the link when making your story. Stories continue the ad campaign message and redirect your audience to your IGTV.

    Final Facts

    Today, Instagram is a booming social media platform. Now, if you think that IGTV is suitable for your business objectives, you need to know how to use categories, features, and benefits. It is a great method to experiment with your ideas over your IGTV business profile uniquely.

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