Benefits Of Having Popular Creator Badge On TikTok

    The popularity of TikTok has been increasing rapidly all over the world. Common people, as well as celebrities from Bollywood to Hollywood are using this app. This app is ruling the social media these days. People not only get popularity but they are earning money as well.

    Moreover, new features of TikTok took a great place in people’s hearts. TikTok recently launched two badges: one is “TikTok Popular creator” and the second one is “verified account”. Previously, had a crown on their avatar as a sign of a popular creator or someone who has shown a great contribution in the community. Similarly, TikTok has a popular creator badge. 

    You must have seen this badge on various accounts. If you are in doubt that the only famous TikTok stars can have these TikTok badges, you might be wrong. Have you ever noticed that not all accounts with millions of followers have this sign? There are many people who have a few thousands of followers and they have this TikTok badge on their accounts. There are people out there who are curious to know how they got this badge even though they do not have such a long list of followers. Are you someone who really wants to have a popular creator badge? 

    What you need to do is, go on search engine and write Method to get TikTok Popular Creator Badge. There are number of websites that can help you to get TikTok popular creator badge.

    TikViral is sharing the benefits of having a popular creator badge TikTok .

    Having a blue tick on the profile is a blessing for TikTokers. You can get an idea by its name “Popular creator” how imperative and beneficial this could be. Most people with verified badges use good quality content.

    On all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok as well it is all a game of content. People with quality and unique content will take that place for which everyone has dreamed of. There is no rocket science involved. You just need to ensure whatever you post, is greatly informative, funny and engaging which people could connect to.

    Exposure Of Video Views

    One of the prime focuses of every user on TikTok is to get likes on their videos. In order to maximize the likes, you need to have a huge amount of views on your videos. For this, you must have a great follower base. People with the “popular creator” badge will get more views as compared to the common users. It is because they are using unique content and are sticking to their niche which helps to target the traffic. In terms of priority, a new user or a normal user has 0 priority, popular creator carries priority of 1.

    More Followers

    If there is a celebrity on TikTok, he/she will definitely get so many likes and followers within a short span of time. The obvious reason is, they have stardom. Likewise, popular creator badge works as an indication of stardom for TikTokers. Having a blue tick on the name could help you to get more followers and fans. One can also buy TikTok fans service to increase their following instantly. 

    More Visibility

    If you are new to TikTok with a common name that many users already have, it could be hard to find your account while searching. But it works completely opposite for the user with a verified badge as they hold priority 1. They have much more chances to appear at the top of the searches with similar names.  As a Result, they are easy to find. TikTok users can also buy TikTok likes services to increase profile popularity.


    People who are popular on TikTok can get money through live streaming.

    If your fans really love what you do, they will definitely send stickers to your live video. Every sticker holds a specific amount.  

    Whoever is using TikTok, they want to get a “Popular creator badge”. In this blog, we have discussed the Advantages of having a Popular Creator badge on TikTok. So, if you are someone who is looking for the same. (Brands name) has listed the most favourable bullet points about how this badge will help you in other terms.

    We hope this information has helped you in many ways. Stay tuned for more such articles.

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